Symantec App


Symantec App Endpoint Protection Situation Symantec Corporation needed a more flexible way for their users to learn how to install or upgrade the latest versions of Symantec software. Symantec wanted the app: Available in the Apple AppStore as well as in Android Play [...]

KFC – Scoping app


KFC – Scoping App Inventory upgrade and tracking app Situation KFC was rolling out major system upgrades to all their restaurant locations across the U.S. To implement this new system: Equipment and controllers in the kitchens needed to be scoped individually, so [...]

Disney – A magical voyage


Disney – A magical voyage Travel Agent training Situation Disney needed a compelling way to train travel agents on how to sell Disney Cruise Line vacations. Because content changes often, traditional training approaches were difficult to keep updated and were not engaging. [...]

Cisco Systems


Cisco Systems Protecting Customer Data Situation Cisco Systems needed a way to create awareness across their global workforce on how to protect sensitive customer data. Cisco also needed the learning experience to reside in their new LMS. Solution [...]



NCCCS BioNet Environmental Monitoring Situation BioNetwork specializes in designing interactive learning solutions for students preparing for careers in the pharmaceutical and life science industries. To create the most comprehensive and engaging learning approach, NCCCS wanted: A blended/hybrid online curriculum, Hands-on [...]

Disney – Mission Timekeeper


Disney – Mission Timekeeper Situation The Walt Disney Company recruits talent from colleges and universities around the world. The College Program is an important employment source for Cast Members who often go on into leadership roles in the company. So an impactful onboarding is crucial. [...]

Yum! Brands


Yum! Brands Insight Marketing Challenge Situation Yum! Brand Restaurants is a Fortune 500 company that includes Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and KFC franchised restaurants worldwide. Yum! Brands is a global leader in innovation in this sector, yet marketing managers needed: A [...]

Council on Economic Education


Council on Economic Education Gen I Revoluition game Situation CEE needed a more effective approach to teaching personal finance and economics topics to high school students. The issues were: The traditional curriculum was not flexible enough to accommodate class schedules. Teachers [...]

Hilton – Drive Results


Hilton – Drive Results Onsite competition challenge Situation In an ever more competitive environment, Hilton depends on a workforce that can think and act strategically. As part of a major initiative, Digitec worked with Hilton corporate to create the Drive Results learning experience [...]