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Digitec – Helping your people get smarter… faster

Digitec is a privately held company in business since 1988, serving corporate training and Learning & Development (L&D), as well as Education teams at professional associations and non-profits.

Headquartered out of Orlando, Florida, Digitec has employees across the country.

Since 2000, Digitec has designed and produced hundreds of learning and development projects for Disney, Hilton, Honeywell, Amazon and many others. For our association partners, we have been able to provide learning technology, curriculum design and support for educational products that increases an association’s non-dues revenue.

Digitec Interactive - Training that sticks
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Our Mission

We believe in the power of training to transform your workers, your organization… the world. But many of our customers are overwhelmed with training initiatives.

When they’ve trusted a “vendor” to help, they’ve lost even more time and energy having to manage them. And they still often don’t get quality training on-time or on budget! It’s not right.

Digitec uses social science and learning technology to make your people smarter… faster. Our clients have a 50% higher learning retention over traditional methods.

Digitec Difference

Unlike other training consultants, we bring both in-house technology and instructional design expertise together to target and solve your business problems. And at a fixed cost, we guarantee faster learning mastery at a lower cost than traditional training.

Digitec provides:

eLearning courses
Gamification and simulations
Virtual Reality and Immersive Learning environments

Our Culture – TeamTraffic

In 2000, Digitec Inc. spun off a division called Digitec Interactive. As a “startup”, there were only 4 employees, working in a small 8’ x 8’ office at the Digitec Post-production facility in Metrowest Orlando.

The sign on our modest little space said: “Traffic,” which for a post-production facility was the place where tapes were delivered and shipped out to clients. For us, Traffic became the room where it all began.

In the wild west of the early internet, we spent many an “all-nighter” in that room. We learned then that we needed each other to survive. From that humble beginning, Digitec developed our “TeamTraffic” culture. We look out for one another. There are no egos, and everyone is accountable to everyone else.

Since then, we’ve grown well beyond that small little office. But we’ve held on to the values that we learned. These values still drive our culture everyday:

  • Customer-focused – responsive, collaborative, driven to quality

  • Team-player – tenacious work ethic, supportive and respectful
  • Problem-solver – proactive and a can-do attitude and follow-through
  • Versatile – Life-long learner, adaptive
  • Honesty and integrity – be honest and do the right things for our customers and our employees.
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Meet The Team

Digitec employs the most creative minds in interactive multimedia, instructional design, application and education program development. Our team of award-winning writers, instructional designers, graphic artists, audio and video engineers, web developers and computer programmers are focused on developing best-in-class digital media for the 21st century. The Digitec staff has been involved in creating interactive courseware, web applications and multimedia productions since 1988 and are nationally recognized for their innovative learning design and development.

Here are a few of their stories…

Kevin Primat

Kevin Primat

Kevin Primat is our CEO. With his experience as a technology entrepreneur and investor, he saw in Digitec an opportunity to unlock people’s professional potential.

Kevin is an avid learner, passionate about the possibility of software further elevating humanity’s consciousness. He believes eLearning technologies will continue playing a fundamental role in professional development.

Kevin manages the executive team members with whom he sets and implements the strategy to offer a continuously improved service to customers. He ensures that the company’s activities align with its vision and goals.

Melissa McCray

Melissa McCray

Melissa McCray, Vice President of Sales & Sr. Account Executive, offers our clients more than 28 years of experience in the adult learning industry. She applies a client-driven, consultative approach, coupled with expert technical knowledge in matching our partner’s needs with our complete product and service lines. This includes a great depth of knowledge and understanding of all features and functionality of our Knowledge Direct® Learning Management System (LMS) along with complimenting solutions including eLearning, mobile learning, mobile apps, game-based simulations, video and NetDefense Pro, our cybersecurity training program. Melissa works closely with our partners to understand their training needs today and those targeted for future implementation.

Veronica Wood

Veronica Wood

Veronica Wood, Vice President of Operations, has over fifteen years of experience and works cross-departmentally to coordinate Digitec’s team and deliver quality results for our clients. She has a blended background in business operations and talent management. Veronica is a life-long learner, and has previously produced learning content through a technical innovation webinar series. She enjoys implementing our company strategy and values, alongside our talented team to bring clients’ goals to reality.

Digitec Interactive - Training that sticks

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