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Disney – Mission Timekeeper


The Walt Disney Company recruits talent from colleges and universities around the world. The College Program is an important employment source for Cast Members who often go on into leadership roles in the company. So an impactful onboarding is crucial. Disney wanted:

  • To reduce the amount of classroom time.

  • To create more connection to the brand and to other CP program recruits prior to arriving for their summer internship.

  • More flexibility in the training content, so that the onboarding experience could reflect the latest company changes.


Digitec designed and developed the Mission Timekeeper game. This immersive learning simulation game features:

  • 3-D immersive game design, where players can explore the Disney galaxy, traveling through space as well as time, to better understand the Disney heritage.

  • Story-driven game, where players chase the villain Sidheron across the Disney galaxy, earning keys used to restore the Disney timeline and save the galaxy.

  • Prescriptive learning, where players can explore a solar system, then override the force field by playing mini-games that test their knowledge. Win those, and they win the key for that area.

  • Flexible game engine, allowing new “solar systems” to be easily created and populated, as Disney acquires new brands.


The game has been very successful for onboarding College Program participants. Digitec created versions for Disney Cruise Line, as well as a translated version for China. When Disney acquired Marvel, Digitec was able to add the new solar system to the game, including assets and mini-game content in less than 2 weeks.

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