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360 Virtual® Learning

The next step in eLearning engagement.

Today, lower cost technology means virtual learning can be delivered through standard Android or iPhone mobile devices. You can now create truly immersive experiences for your learners using only an app installed on a mobile device inside the VR headset, or learners can access from a desktop/laptop or over the web.

Digitec Interactive recently launched 360 Virtual® – an immersive learning environment that leverages gaming technology to create custom experiences that can put your learners into a virtual “holodeck” where they can explore, play and learn.

Using either 3-D rendered environments or interactive video, learning is about to change forever.

For resort or pre-constructional sales, it may not be possible for prospects to “see” a property they are interested in visiting or buying. Perhaps, the resort is still in the blueprint stage. Or maybe, the location is a world away.

Imagine being able to invite prospective buyers to tour the location, virtually, through a VR headset. Developed from either 3-D rendered scenes or 360 videos, the user can walk through locations and environments featuring rich sound, interactivity and triggered events.

When you depend on putting your prospect into the scene, 360 Virtual TOURS can take them there, now.

There is a lot of research showing that when learning is applied in a realistic situation, skills transfer increases. Through trial and error, learners can practice and rehearse new skills. So in the real world, when they need to perform, they’ve already been there, done that.

In the 1990s, the staff at Digitec was designing full-fidelity simulations for the U.S. military. Now, with consumer VR technology so prevalent, Digitec is able to design custom learning experiences consisting of interactive 360 virtual worlds, where corporate universities can deliver truly engaging experiences.

Imagine inspectors being able to virtually tour and inspect damage after a natural disaster. Through the experience, users can explore the damage to create a claim, then get feedback on what they missed, so they can play again and improve.

Or imagine a crime scene, where players can explore locations to search for evidence to put together a report.

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