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Ready to add rocket fuel to your reseller sales efforts?

If you rely on resellers, channel partners, VARS or distributors for your sales:

  • Are you seeing disappointing reseller sales performance?
  • Are your channel sales flat or declining?
  • Are you missing revenue projections because your resellers aren’t performing?

Digitec’s Reseller Performance System (RPS) is a reseller channel sales automation platform, powered by mobile web technology and an experienced sales support staff.

RPS provides continual reseller sales performance support to increase reseller sales by up to 50% with less time commitment from you!

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Reseller programs decrease your cost of sale and open up new markets, but managing resellers can be tough. Resellers can be:

  • Difficult to onboard and keep upskilled on your products,
  • Unaware of your product differentiation and sell strategy,
  • Unaccountable for outreach and sales quotas.

RPS uses automation and adaptive learning to make sure your resellers are continually qualified, responsive, and accountable for their sales.

The platform features are designed to increase your reseller sales by up to 50%!

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