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KFC – Scoping App

Inventory upgrade and tracking app


KFC was rolling out major system upgrades to all their restaurant locations across the U.S. To implement this new system:

  • Equipment and controllers in the kitchens needed to be scoped individually, so that compatible replacement equipment could be ordered, shipped, and installed.

  • Because many restaurants were using a vast array of fryers, ovens, controllers, etc., the implementation teams had difficulty in accurately identifying the specific equipment details needed to order the compatible replacement equipment.

  • Incorrect equipment was being shipped, increasing costs and causing delays, as implementation teams needed to be rescheduled.


Digitec designed the wizard-based KFC Scoping app:

  • Mobile web app to walk the implementation team through a systematic process to correctly identify existing equipment and controllers using photo matching or parts number matching.

  • To further assist KFC, Digitec built the order and shipment workflow process into the app.

  • Once the equipment was properly identified, the user would identify their restaurant location and billing information to have the equipment shipped directly to the store.


To enable easy content management, Digitec designed an admin login, so that equipment photography, descriptions, and parts numbers could be easily updated by KFC. Digitec designed and deployed the app in less than one month, which decreased ordering errors, saving KFC tens of thousands, while getting their installation schedule back on track.

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