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360 Virtual® Learning

The next step in eLearning engagement.

Today, lower cost technology means virtual learning can be delivered through standard Android or iPhone mobile devices. You can now create truly immersive experiences for your learners using only an app installed on a mobile device inside the VR headset, or learners can access from a desktop/laptop or over the web.

Digitec Interactive recently launched 360 Virtual® – an immersive learning environment that leverages gaming technology to create custom experiences that can put your learners into a virtual “holodeck” where they can explore, play and learn.

Using either 3-D rendered environments or interactive video, learning is about to change forever.

Engage your team with a virtual escape room experience

An inclusive team-building activity for your remote and onsite teams

Are your remote employees feeling disconnected from your organization?

The 360 virtual escape room is a team-based immersive experience, played through web conferencing platforms. The space station themed game features a variety of 3-D rooms and challenging puzzles. Teams work together to unlock the escape codes, moving through nine pods to win the game.

Employee engagement is falling

36% of employees say that their sense of belonging has dropped. Once workers lose connection, they lose motivation, and you could lose that employee.

360 Virtual Escape Room

Fun team-building activity. Whether your teams are fully remote, blended or in-house, players join teams and work together to solve puzzles and escape the station in time.

Problem solving & strategic thinking. Teams work to solve all 9 pods and earn the escape codes before time runs out.

No VR headset or software installs required. Integrates with most webconferencing platforms – browser-based game featuring stunning 3-D environments.

It’s time for teams to connect

With more employees working remotely, it’s harder than ever to connect. Disengaged employees tend to quit or become less productive. It’s time to change that.

Since 2000, Digitec Interactive has created award-winning gamified experiences for the world’s leading companies. Now you can get into the game.

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