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ISACA – CRISC certification exam prep

Tailored learning application


ISACA wanted to broaden their certification preparation course for IT professionals wanting to take the CRISC certification exam. The issues were:

  • The 25-hours of instructor-led training (ILT) was difficult for many learners to fit into their schedules.

  • There were not enough qualified instructors to deliver the course at the scale and locations learners wanted.

  • The framework around the CRISC model is conceptual, where learners needed more real-world examples.


To design and produce the self-paced learning experience, Digitec worked with ISACA to:

  • Conduct a Learning Needs Analysis to define the ideal CRISC user/student.

  • Interview several subject matter experts to score the content to confirm and agree on what needed to be covered in the course.

  • Create a series of fictional companies and IT personas.

  • Deliver the content through a story-driven approach to provide real-world context.


Fully self-paced prep course. This highly interactive learning design provides application activities, using storylines to create context. The course includes an interactive prep guide, so learners can track their progress towards test preparation. Practice exams include detailed feedback and references back to the source material to review.

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