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Caitlin Macri works in instructional design and moonlights as an online English teacher for students around the world, so she’s passionate about all the wonderful advantages distance and eLearning have to offer! Her spirit animal is a corgi. Her diet breaker is a saucy slice of pineapple pizza (#represent). Her comfort object would be the black flats she wears every dang day. Her personal vice would be all those long lazy mornings spent in bed doing crosswords instead of laundry. Her useless talent is knowing all the words to Chicago The Musical. Her unreasonable paranoia is that a costumed mascot character will want to interact with her, and she wishes more people cared about your and you’re.

3 Tips for Using Videos Effectively for Micro courses

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You’re probably already familiar with why microlearning would be a benefit to your learners. The fast-paced work atmosphere, the shorter attention spans, the projects pulling you in every direction, the ease of learning one concept [...]

3 Simple Steps to Design Learning Journeys

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In this blog post, we’ll be using Jack McGrath’s recent video about how you can make designing learning journeys smarter and faster using three simple steps. Watch the video  or read on for more information. [...]