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FINRA – Moneytopia

Personal Finance Game


A FINRA Foundation survey revealed that only 29 percent of military personnel who invest received a passing grade on a quiz about basic financial concepts. FINRA, the non-profit investor protection agency, wanted a way to help military families better manage their finances. Military families struggle with managing their money, yet:

  • Traditional financial classes offered at military bases were not well-attended

  • Often, only one spouse is involved in managing money, but success relies on both spouses understanding the concepts

  • Financial topics are often too abstract to fully understand in a classroom environment, without applying the concepts in the real-world.


Digitec designed and produced Moneytopia, where The Sims meets the Game of Life. Moneytopia is a role-play strategy game that enables players to choose an avatar and then live out 50 years pursuing their “Big Dream.” Along the way, players make financial decisions and face the consequences. Players create their own virtual world in the “Dream Machine,” choosing their friends, their home, their wardrobe, television, even their own “Big Dream.”

  • Spouses and families can play the game, sharing financial strategies.

  • Decisions in the game trigger a consequence algorithm. As in real life, if you begin to live beyond your means or fall behind in your bills, you need to make decisions to correct the Gotcha.

  • Players can change their money mix to recover, or wind up the victim of the “Repo Man.”

  • Along the way, their mentor – Finn, provides advice and e-mails context-sensitive instructional tutorials to help the player recover and get back on track.


In a FINRA study, more than 100 military servicemembers and their spouses tested the game and provided feedback:

  • 90% said the game made managing their finances easy and clear.

  • 87% said the game helped them manage their finances.

  • 71% said they would play the game again.

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