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When searching for an LMS to host your online courses, naturally your focus leans towards the platform’s interface, analytics capabilities and maybe gamification elements. These are important, no doubt, but have you ever stopped to consider the power of a well-stocked Course Library?

Digital Library

What is a course library?

An eLearning course library is a collection of digital courses and learning resources that are made available to users through an LMS. Typically, an eLearning course library provides users with access to a wide range of courses that they can choose from based on their interests or learning needs.

What a library can do for you

A library for your eLearning course allows for increased customization. You can tailor the content to match the specific needs of your learners, ensuring that the information is always relevant and engaging. This also allows you to better track the progress of your learners, identifying any areas where they may be struggling and offering additional resources to help them overcome these obstacles.

Furthermore, a well-organized library makes it easy for learners to access the content they need whenever they need it. Learners can identify their own weaknesses and search for relevant courses or resources to improve their knowledge in these areas. This empowers them to take control of their own learning and development, promoting a sense of ownership and motivation. Having a library for your eLearning course also fosters a culture of continuous learning. When learners have access to a wealth of information and resources, they are more likely to engage with the content and seek out new opportunities for growth and development.

PINE's LibraryDigitec Interactive recently received a Brandon-Hall gold award for the implementation of a course library for NYU’s Program for Inclusion and Neurodiversity Education (PINE). In this library, we created a launchpad that directed learners to applicable and relevant resources. These various resources were all featured in the larger macro-courses that we helped them create. In this specific use-case, the library functioned as a depository with helpful links and documents, and that accomplished exactly what the task required. What this means for you is that your library doesn’t have to follow a specific formula. It doesn’t need to include every course, and it doesn’t need to include every single topic. Circle back to your objectives and identify the most critical concepts that you want your learners to digest. With that as your focus, you’ll have a much easier time creating the library that you need.



Creating a library for your eLearning course is a smart move for any organization. By providing just-in-time learning and customized content, tracking performance, and fostering a culture of continuous learning, you can promote employee development and success. By cataloguing your content this way, you help your learners stay up to date with their training and maintain high levels of knowledge and performance. So, go ahead and build that library – your learners will thank you for it!

If you need additional guidance figuring out how to implement a library for your use case, then contact us for a free discovery call. And if you’re in the market for an LMS, then contact us, we can even offer you a free trial for our platform, Knowledge Direct.

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