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Digitec Interactive partners with NYU to help schools understand autism & promote inclusion

Company designs learning features of PINE program

ORLANDO, Fla. (July 29, 2021) —When teachers and students head back to school this fall, there will be several new resources available aimed at making the classroom more inclusive for students with autism, thanks to a partnership between Digitec Interactive and NYU.

PINE Understanding autism

Leaders at NYU Steinhardt and Digitec, a learning technology company, recently worked together to launch the Program for Inclusion and Neurodiversity Education (PINE), and they’re adding more features ahead of the school year.  

PINE, available to all primary and secondary schools, aims to help schools understand autism by arming educators with training and tools developed in partnership with the autistic community. By building an understanding of autism and neurodiversity in the classroom, educators can promote true inclusion. PINE seeks to improve educational outcomes not just for neurodiverse students, but for everyone. 

Digitec worked with the leaders of PINE to develop the 16-hour self-paced online course. At least 51 percent of course content was created in collaboration with autistic experts. PINE provided the expertise, and Digitec developed the training, which includes interactive activities, role-play, video and an array of digital resources for teachers and administrators.  

“Digitec has quickly become our most valuable business partner,” said Samara Sweig, PINE Director of Business Strategy and Operations. “They are a team that understands the needs of today’s educators and prioritizes authentic digital learning experiences.” 

PINE launched the educational portal in 2020, with the Understanding Autism course. PINE and Digitec are now adding to the catalog an Executive Functioning course, as well as a remote “onboarding” training program to help schools administer the tenets of the program into their own educative network. This “blended learning” model includes remote training from master educators at PINE, along with access to tools that can help schools implement training and as a gateway to PINE’s professional circles.  

“At Digitec, we’re all about learning,” said Jack McGrath, owner and creative director. “In fact, we’ve built a business on it. The fact that we can use our skills to help our educators learn and make a positive difference in our schools is incredibly rewarding.” 

PINE’s first course, available nationwide, launched in the fall of last year. Leadership is now working with Digitec to launch the new offerings in time for the new school year.  

“We are thrilled at the early results we’re seeing from PINE schools,” said Lauren Hough Williams, PINE Director of Programs. “With Digitec’s guidance, we’ve been able to build highly engaging courses and innovative support tools that go well beyond traditional online professional development.” 

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About the Program for Inclusion and Neurodiversity Education 

PINE, at NYU Steinhardt, increases the capacity of educational systems supporting autistic students through innovative online courses and tools created in partnership with autistic experts, coaching from master educators who support the school’s unique needs, and access to PINE’s professional circles that share best practices reaching beyond school walls. By focusing on strengths, developing independence and advocacy, and committing to inclusion, PINE helps schools build learning environments where all students can thrive.