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Digitec Interactive Debuts ‘Reboarding’ System for Bringing Employees Back Post-Pandemic

Process aims to help in-office, remote workers alike transition back to ‘normal’

ORLANDO, Fla. (May 27, 2021) — Go on any social media platform right now and there’s a good chance you’ll see memes about everything from not being ready to go back to “hard pants” to disappointment that COVID can no longer be the cause for cancelling plans.

While the world has started to go back to normal, it’s clear that not everyone is on the same page about when that will happen and what that normal looks like—and perhaps no one will feel that more than employers in the office. Digitec Interactive is helping employers through the challenges with a newly coined “reboarding” process.

The idea aims to help employers bring teams back together in a systematic and fair way, whether workers are coming back to their desks, continuing to work remotely or being brought back after furlough or layoff—just as you would onboard a new employee.

“At Digitec, and at many of the companies we serve, we spend a lot of time thinking about the best ways to onboard, or train and acclimate, new employees,” said Digitec Interactive Owner and Creative Director Jack McGrath.

“In this unprecedented time, it’s essential that employers spend that same amount of energy thinking about their teams, even if the members have been together for years. That’s why we came up with the reboarding system.”

Digitec’s reboarding training centers on four C’s: compliance, clarification, culture and connection.

Through the process, employers are encouraged to set one policy for all employees, whether they are in-office or remote, and codify the process in the handbook. They are then encouraged to meet with their teams and discuss, ensuring they understand. The concept also encourages a shift in company culture to be inclusive to remote workers in terms of on-the-fly meetings and workplace celebrations. Finally, the system focuses on connection, asking managers to find ways to touch base with all employees and show they care.

Digitec Interactive is a learning technology and custom eLearning production company. The company has implemented training products like its reboarding system for some of the largest companies in the U.S. in the corporate, association, academic, medical and non-profit fields. Digitec’s mission is to help clients get employees smarter faster with training that sticks.

About Digitec Interactive

Digitec Interactive is a learning technology and custom eLearning production company, developing training products for corporate, association, academic, medical and non-profit clients. It is best known for its signature learning platform, Knowledge Direct, which has delivered learning to over 3 million users, worldwide. Digitec is focused on helping our clients get their people smarter faster with training that sticks. For more information about Digitec, visit